Qinyuan Li selected as a recipient of the 2024 Forensic Pathology Resident Rotation Scholarship

Qinyuan Li was selected as a recipient of the 2024 Forensic Pathology Resident Rotation Scholarship!


ASCP, in collaboration with George Mason University and with funding from the National Institutes of Justice, is very excited to provide pathology residents with this unique rotation opportunity in forensics. Forensic pathology is one of the most undersubscribed pathology specialties with the current workforce of between 500 and 600 MD pathologists interactive with the criminal justice system. However, at least 1,200 pathologists are needed to meet the standards needed for the U.S. system. This has created unprecedented job demand for forensic pathologists resulting in much higher compensation packages, loan repayment opportunities, and hybrid career choices.


Through this partnership with GMU and NIJ, ASCP is pleased to offer you this opportunity to conduct a one-month rotation in a rural or underserved forensic facility that has been previously identified. The award of $6,000 will allow her to rotate within forensic pathology units in a variety of settings to experience the opportunities, challenges, and excitement of medicolegal investigation. In addition to direct exposure to the practice of forensic medicine, trainees will also understand hybrid models for pathology careers, innovative loan repayment systems, incentives, and the concept of multi-jurisdiction coverage.


Congratulations again!