Jiayi “Grace” Li and the Angevine Fellowship featured on “People of Pathology” Podcast

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Medical student Jiayi “Grace” Li was recently interviewed on the “People of Pathology” podcast and described her experience as the Department’s 2022 Angevine Fellow. Podcast host Dennis Strenk invites guests from all areas of the pathology discipline to share their experiences working in pathology. These detailed interviews promote awareness of various intricate facets of pathology and laboratory medicine.

Grace is a second-year medical student at Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Virginia and has been interested in pathology – forensic pathology in particular – since high school. But with little exposure to the field as an undergraduate and first year medical student, Grace was not sure if she wanted to pursue a career in pathology. The Angevine Fellowship experience, with its balanced and comprehensive exposure to the broad field of pathology and laboratory medicine, helped Grace to confirm her passion for pathology and to make an informed decision to pursue pathology residency. Even though not all students who complete the fellowship go on to specialize in pathology, Grace believes the program is worthwhile for all medical students because all fields of medicine incorporate aspects of pathology into their work.

The 10-week summer Angevine Fellowship program, generously sponsored by the Angevine family, is a 10-week overview of pathology services. Because the majority of medical schools do not require courses or rotations in pathology, the fellowship is an impactful way to foster interest in pathology amongst medical students.

Episode #127 Grace Li on the Angevine Fellowship Experience

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