The Grave Task of Estimating Time since Death: Jamie Kallan, Forensic Pathologist, gives SoundWaves presentation

Dr. Kallan participated in the third installment of SoundWaves: Celebrations of Time, a series examining how we know when events occurred in the past, through the lens of geology (objects on Earth), astronomy (distant objects), anthropology (human prehistory), pathology (the human body), and music.

Every SoundWaves event brings UW–Madison scientists from several departments together with UW–Madison School of Music faculty performers to explore a topic that is relevant to our world and our lives.” The theme of the third installment was “How do we know when events occurred?” and Dr. Kallan discusses the tools available to pathologists during autopsy to estimate time of death (and it is not at all like the TV shows you’ve seen).

Listen here:

Dr. Kallan’s talk starts at 56:30, including a short loss of signal. Please note that portions of this lecture, while fascinating, contains graphic images that may be upsetting to some viewers.