Vanessa Horner


Assistant Professor (CHS); Assistant Director, UW Cytogenetic Services, WSLH

(608) 890-1112

465 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706

(608) 265-7818
415 Henry Mall

Research Interests

Molecular genetic tumor profiling; genetics of developmental disorders

Clinical Interests

Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics

Selected Publications
  • Sessions SK, Franssen RA, Horner VL.Morphological clues from multilegged frogs: are retinoids to blame?Science. 1999;284(5415):800-2.
  • Mason-Suares H, Kim W, Grimmett L, et al. “Density matters: comparison of array platforms for detection of copy-number variation and copy-neutral abnormalities.Genet. Med.. 2013;15(9):706-12.
  • Riggs ER, Church DM, Hanson K, et al. “Towards an evidence-based process for the clinical interpretation of copy number variation.Clin. Genet.. 2012;81(5):403-12.